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  • Christian Michael

To have my hands in dough again

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

I take great satisfaction in the sound that a properly kneaded mound of dough makes when it slaps against the wood of the baking bench. Baking, much like cooking, involves all of your senses- taking a gaze into your bowl to not only check for visual cues that your gluten is developed enough, but for the slapping sound of the dough hitting the sides of the bowl to tell you it’s had enough time working.

The biggest news in my life lately is that I have officially changed over from working 5 days a week as a line cook, to working 3-4 days a week as a baker while running my business at home. The biggest satisfaction is that I have the privilege to produce 40-60 loves of bread and 100+ cookies every single day, as well as yeast risen biscuits, fudge brownies, and amazingly (aged-for-36-hours-before-boiling-and-baking) bagels.

I love it, and it is so much more in tune with what my heart and soul needs than being in a loud kitchen late into the early morning. Its much more flexible, so I have time to fulfill online orders through the shop.

oh, about that- doing some MAJOR recipe testing tomorrow so stay tuned for a new product or two (or three!)