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  • Christian Michael

Taking a step back to breathe

After several months of working nearly full time hours at my day job, I made the decision to take some time off for medical leave. As many of you may know, in May of 2019 I was diagnosed with a 1.4cm cyst on my pineal gland in my brain. This is a type of benign brain tumor. I had been spending the last five years searching for a diagnosis that would explain my nerve pain, headaches, seizures, numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, etc. and I finally felt like I had it. Unfortunately for me, and many (actually most) other patients diagnosed with pineal cysts, most neurologists and neurosurgeons don’t actually believe that pineal cysts cause symptoms.

It‘s been difficult the last few months, trying to work five days a week and manage my health. I felt like I was having more and more symptoms, and my life was becoming more unmanageable by the day. So I’m Sunday I decided to go on medical leave.

Hopefully, this will mean that my disability application will get approved. But 65% of all applications get denied each year so I am trying to manage my expectations. If it does get approved, it will mean that I can stop working so much, and only work 2 or 3 short shifts a week and work on My business more, which is what I truly want to spend my time on.

Orders have been down, even though site visits have been up, and I’m sure it’s because I raised my prices. I just wasn’t making a profit on how low my prices were before, and it was exhausting me to spend six hours preparing someone’s order to only make ten dollars on it. With the way my health is, I just can’t make that little profit on my orders. I would rather have fewer orders come in, and actually make the federal minimum wage (even though Massachusetts min wage is 12.75 now) than work for $5 an hour. When you factor in the cost of gas and electricity to run my oven and water to wash my dishes, i probably was losing money on orders at my lower prices.

since I’m not working right now, now is a great time to show your support by placing an order for some cookies, brownies, bars or crispy squares!

new recipes to come,